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Metabolism Boosting Cheat Sheet (Tribeca Bootcamp Tool Kit)

Spring is here!  Whether you’ve spent the cold months in hibernation mode OR you’ve been working like a beast all winter, we can ALL stand to give our metabolism a BOOST. (This is part of the SUCCESS TOOL KIT that comes along with signing up for Strong Healthy Woman Boot Camp, but I’m giving everyone a peek at it today!)

By making a few tweaks to your diet and exercise routine, you can maximize your POTENTIAL and RESULTS by forcing your body to burn more calories, more efficiently. It’s about working smarter, not harder people.

And as an added bonus, what boosts your metabolism simultaneously boosts your energy levels, your mood, and your life span! #nobrainer

Metabolism Boosting Cheat Sheet

It doesn’t matter if you are currently eating meatball subs and ice cream shakes for lunch or organic grass fed beef and green juice…you can always make slight changes that WILL make a difference.

Small, daily action steps like the ones above are PARAMOUNT to achieving your overall goals, whether they be health related (decreasing risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, or high blood pressure etc), performance related (to sprint harder, run longer without fatigue, or lift heavier weights), or aesthetic related (looking like a HOTTTT ass b!)


NYC Tribeca Boot Camp beings Monday 4/21 5:30am & 9am, get on the team!

 Tribeca Boot Camp with Laura Miranda


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