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StrongHealthyWoman Boot Camper Loses 45 lbs (and counting)

I want to brag about this fine little lady right here! Kimberly is my PRIZE student in Strong Healthy Woman Boot Camp in Battery Park, NYC. She  has dropped a whopping 45 lbs and 5  pants sizes, and she’s only getting started!

Read a little about her journey and how she managed to come this far in such a short amount of time!

 Kimberlys Weight Loss Transformation StrongHealthyWoman

SHW: What specifically has changed?
KIMBERLY:  Overall I have dropped 45 lbs and 5 pants sizes! But the BIGGEST change (besides my outer appearance) has been my mindset and viewpoint on life. I’ve realized that if you dream big and you work hard at it, you will achieve it!

SHW: Why did you begin this journey? What is your Ultimate Goal?
KIMBERLY: I started this weight loss journey because I needed a change, I needed to let go of the past and start to write a new future, which I did, so I don’t have a specific weight I want to be or  a certain size that I want to fit into ……my ultimate goal is just to be happy, be healthy, and live to the fullest =) 

SHW: How have you made this complete 180 turn? Workouts/food/mindset/commitment etc
KIMBERLY: By cultivating my self discipline, and not even making it an option to skip out on exercise. With a super busy schedule I have made huge changes by prepping my meals in advance so that I won’t stray from my healthy eating plan. AND when it feels like I just want to give up (which happens sometimes!), you have instilled in me that I must constantly remind myself of WHY i started this journey in the first place!

SHW: Any overflow effects to other areas of your life besides your weight? 
KIMBERLY: All in all I have found a peace within!… which has allowed me to excel in relationships with all people (co workers, family, friends.) With this happy attitude that I present to the world, nothing seems impossible!

SHW: What is your training/workout schedule?
KIMBERLY: I train 5-6 times a week, sometimes twice a day.  Since I work late often, I stay focused by doing 3 days of Boot Camp with you, although I am NOT a morning person so just getting up for this alone is a huge feat! I know that it’s the AM or never,  so I put all excuses aside and just go for it!  On the other days (or sometimes at night again if I am feeling energetic) I go to the gym to do weight training, running or cardio.  I will also mix it up with spin or if I missed a day throughout my week I will try to just squeeze it in during the weekend! This works for me because I used to have zero focus on what I was doing and would just randomly go “workout” and see no results.

Weight Loss Transformation StrongHealthyWoman

SHW: How is this program different than your other attempts to lose weight/get in shape/be healthy?
KIMBERLY: StrongHealthyWoman is not like a typical class where you follow a typical boring workout routine. Every session I’ve learned different & effective ways of training that is actually fun and does NOT involve a TREADMILL! The encouragement and motivational support from your fellow boot campers and you Laura has helped change my entire view of what I am capable of achieving. It’s not about the weight loss, it’s about getting stronger, faster, and more HEALTHY! (The weight loss is just a nice side effect of all of that!)
SHW: Any advice for anyone out there who are looking to make a change?
KIMBERLY: YOU CAN DO IT! I have tried to lose weight my entire life and it wasn’t until I joined this progarm and got honest with my self about what needed to change, that I began to take massive action and see results! DO NOT GIVE UP. Ever. Your bad days are just lessons for what you need to work on and improve tomorrow. One foot in front of the other and stay positive!

Stay determined, focused and addicted to improving yourself,
Laura Miranda MSPT, CSCS

Laura Miranda Fitenss Expert Physical Therapist Strong Healthy Woman

NYC Fitness Freak & Physical Therapist Technique-Geek
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