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P  –  Progressive
U –  Unconventional
R –  Reactive
S  –  Systematic
U –  Urban
I  –   Interval
T –  Training


PURSUIT Training Method is an on-the-go, hybrid conditioning workout that utilizes the vast cityscape, streets, parks, and urban terrain of NYC.  This team-based training experience focuses on adaptation, innovation and reinvention of just about every obstacle that crosses our path.

You’ll begin to see not only your body’s potential, but also the potential of your city through an entirely new lens.

  • Short distance running with frequent strength training pit stops (or “HIIT stops,” as they are affectionately known)
  • Fun, team-based metabolic conditioning drills
  •  On-the-go throughout Lower Manhattan!

We systematically infuse results-driven cardiovascular and progressive strength training movements for a workout that will that will awaken every muscle in your body and leave you feeling like you can take on  the world!

PURSUIT NYC Dr. Laura Miranda


The PURSUIT Training Method fosters the development of a functionally diverse athletic ability using creative body weight conditioning, and a scientific and fundamental approach to optimizing human performance.

What does that all mean? It means you are training to become the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF YOURSELF!

Strong. Powerful. Empowered. Unstoppable.

Expect to change your body by burning up to 800 calories while you are focused on a fun, camaraderie building training session.  PURSUIT fosters a concise connection to your self, your teammates, and your city in a way that you never imagined possible.


The layout of NYC provides a large-scale, natural “urban” obstacle course. Except to ignite a renegade spontaneity as we take you on a training session throughout the streets utilizing steps, fences, monuments, and benches like you have never experienced before!

Dr. Laura Miranda's PURSUIT NYC group workout

You’ll learn how to adapt a fence and a railing for pull-ups.  You’ll see the potential of a crosswalk to be used as an agility ladder. You’ll view the steps of city hall not as a way to get into a building, but as a platform for results driven, agility based, metabolic conditioning!



PURSUIT (pər-soot) n.  Being regularly engaged in a quest of mind, body and/or nature in order to achieve the “next level.”

PURSUIT Dr. Laura Miranda NYC










Do You See The Potential?

We do what most would never think to do on, in, and around parts of the city that normally just blend in with the backdrop of yet another day’s commute. This is OUR rush hour. When this is how your day begins, it’s safe to say that you’re going to be able to handle pretty much anything that comes your way!


Monday & Wednesdays 5:30am (check the schedule here)
Starting Location: Battery Park City or Tribeca, NYC




Where do we meet for the start of class?
We meet in the Battery Park City or Tribeca area of Lower Manhattan, depending on the Route for the day. Once you register, you will immediately receive instructions on where to meet the team that day!

What will I need for class?
PURSUIT is a progressive body weight training program that utilizes the natural cityscape . So all you need is your body, your desire to become a fitness rebel, and your “A game.” Dr. Laura Miranda and NYC will supply the rest!  Consider a water bottle and gloves (weight lifting) since your hands will be on the ground at times, although the later is not always necessary.

Since the entire class is on-the-go throughout Lower Manhattan, what if I cant keep up?
Don’t worry!  The PURSUIT workout is marked by short distance running with frequent strength training pit stops (or “HIIT stops,” as they are affectionately known in PURSUIT) along the way. We have strategically designed a format where all athletes (I.E. the fastest, slowest, and everyone in between) will get the workout of their lives. We have a “no WOman left behind” philosophy!

Will I be able to bring my belongings?
Since we will be on the go the entire time, it is best to leave all bags or other items at home. Most PURSUIT athletes just bring their key and a waterbottle. You may opt of a Velcro arm band for your phone/metro card/id.  It’s best to arrive with a water bottle

Is there a place to store my stuff?
Since we are an outdoor program, we do not have a facility or lockers. We advise you to show up with as minimal personal items as possible. Whatever you do end of bringing you will be carrying that with you the entire time. There are many gyms close by that you may already be a member; consider dropping off your stuff before class.