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Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT, CSCS
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Owner/Founder  |  Doctor of Physical Therapy  |  Exercise Physiologist   |   Certified Personal Trainer               Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist   |  Fitness Nutrition Coach  | On-Camera Fitness Expert

Dr. Laura Miranda NYC Fitness Trainer Physical Therapist

By trade, I am a fitness coach and physical therapist; by mission, I help women ‘Become The Best Possible Version of Ourselves’ (also the company motto!)

I came from a less than stellar childhood where the very people that were in place to support my development into a healthy balanced person were not sufficiently present or equipped for the job.   At a very young age I found sports as an outlet for my pain and trauma. I was fortunate enough to have a few strong female coaches that single-handedley changed the direction of my life through her guidance and unconditional belief in me. These women taught me how to believe in myself and go after and achieve anything that I wanted.
As a result, I have been striving as a fitness professional to impart the same kind of empowerment and belief in my clients as my coaches had in me. This is why I do what I do so passionately; I am trying to “pay it forward” every single day.
Through my experiences I have learned that EVERYTHING we encounter in life can be used as something that can either help us get to the next level or take us down.

No matter what shit hand YOU have been dealt, an abusive childhood, a bad day at the office or anything else that might trigger you to make unhealthy decisions, you still get to choose what you will do with that pain and stress.

Will you give up, check out, numb out, or eat your feelings? OR will you use the ‘shit’ as FUEL to uncover your greatness? I believe that you have to “CHOOSE to use your less than perfect life circumstances to find your extraordinary strengths.”

My Strong Healthy Woman training/coaching philosophy, moto, and core values all reflect the concept that we must ALWAYS be striving for continued growth and evolution to be a better athlete and a better human.

Most people think achieving the body of their dreams is all about having the BEST clean eating plan and the HARDEST workout routine. Well, if it were JUST about that, we all would have achieved perfection by now! The secret sauce that’s missing in that equation is the Mindset, baby.

I will teach you how to train harder than you ever have before, AND love it. I will teach you how to eat in order to fuel your body for fat loss in a way that you never have before, AND love it. But I will also show you how to look at your failures, successes, achievements, pitfalls, fears, dreams and triggers (ahem: MINDSET!)  in a way that will make all of the RESULTS from the training and clean eating to STICK AROUND for the long haul. Because, isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

Grow. Evolve. Get stronger. Push harder. Have more compassion. Uncover the joy. Dig deeper. Love yourself.

The Resume:
Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT is the creator and founder of the PURSUIT Training Method that provides fitpros with a certification and a turn-key fitness business model to run their own “city-based” outdoor training programs. PURSUIT is now in at least 13 States in the US, and around the globe in Australia and the UK. She is also the founder of Strong Healthy Woman.com, where she and her team of trainers provide outdoor fitness Boot Camps in NYC, and exclusive in-home training/physical therapy in NYC and Long Island.  Dr. Laura’s streams live and on demand workouts on the FORTE fitness platform along side the hottest boutique studios and fitness gurus from around the world. Laura runs fitness workshops and motivational/educational speaking events for companies such as Whole Foods, Twitter, Lululemon, The New York Stock Exchange, BlackRock, RBC Capital Markets, City Sports, and many others. Laura is also a fitness and Physical Therapy expert contributor for Downtown Magazine, and an on-camera fitness expert for Forte.Fit & HealthGuru.com.

The Education:
Dr. Laura Miranda has earned a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of South Carolina, a Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Hunter College in New York City, and has recently earned a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University. Dr. Laura Miranda is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA),  and a Fitness Nutrition Coach (NESTA).

The Philosophy:
We are here to help clients truly master mind-body-fitness by focusing on mindset and behavioral modification as a fundamental component of personal development. The essence of any Strong Healthy Woman is to stay determined, focused and addicted to improving yourself.

Fearless Fest NYC Dr Laura Miranda presentingThe Programs:
Laura’s intense passion and energy is dedicated to her clients and her company, Miranda Fitness Concepts, INC (MFC). MFC is the parent company of multiple fitness divisions in NYC and Long Island such as
Strong-Healthy-Woman Boot Camp in NYC
In-Home Personal Training in NYC & LI
Weight Loss Supplements & Vitamin Program
Corporate Wellness & Motivational/Educational Speaking
Stream Laura’s Live & On-Demand Workouts on Forte.fit (with code “DRLAURA”)

The Press & Media:
Dr. Miranda holds a unique niche in the field of health and wellness with the ability to combine her complex understanding of human movement as a Physical Therapist, with her knowledge of fitness and personal development Personal Trainer and educator. Her work has been featured in local and national media on TV on the WB 11 Morning News, NY1, Money TV, News 12 Long Island and in print in Shape, Women’s Health, MSN.com, Well + Good,  Crain’s Business, Elite Daily, Downtown  Magazine NYC, Time Out, Village Voice, Finance.Yahoo.com, Daily News, RankAndStyle.com, SWEAT Mag, PragonSports.com, Unconventional Athletes Magazine, AlexisMera.com, NoBubbleGum.com, Gay City News, Newsday, AM New York,  Metro, TheNest.com, ThePatch.com, BestofGayNewYork.com, Edge, Pedicure.com, Our Town, Explore LI, and the Long Island Herald.

Dr. Laura Miranda coaches the Strong-Healthy-Woman BOOT CAMP in Battery Park City neighborhood of NYC at 5:30am year round. She also sees a select clientele for 1on1 Personal Training and Physical Therapy treatments around NYC in the privacy of their homes, apartment gyms, and even outdoors.

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Jamie Gevirtz

Certified Personal Trainer in Long Island, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Jamie Gevirtz Strong Healthy Woman Personal Trainer Long Island My name is Jamie and I am an ACE certified personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Before discovering my passion for health and fitness, I was overweight, unfit and unhappy with my appearance. I never exercised and ate fast food like it was my job!

One day, everything changed after my friend dragged me to a cardio kickboxing class. Something wonderful and amazing woke up inside of me. For the first time in my life, I realized that I was a strong, capable woman full of so much potential. This began my quest for a healthy lifestyle and after 1 year of hard work and dedication I lost over 20lbs and radically changed my life for the better.

Today, as a personal trainer, I am able to pass on the secrets of my success to my clients.

For the last several years, I have helped countless women achieve their weight-loss goals, revamp their diet, and improve their entire lifestyle. My workouts are a blend of fun and challenging exercises, which are customized to meet the clients’ needs and achieve the greatest calorie burn! We will use a mix of suspension training, kickboxing, kettle bells and even the occasional obstacle course to keep my clients fully engaged and driven towards success!

Jamie works with Strong Healthy Woman Long Island Personal Training clients  in the privacy of their homes and outdoors as well!


Dana Krystopher

Certified Personal Trainer in Long Island

My name is Dana and I am a certified Personal Trainer, a Mad Dogg Certified Spin Instructor, IMX certified Pilates Instructor. Coming from a gymnastics and sports agility background, I have been infusing my passion and drive for movement in the fitness industry for the past 13 years.   I have worked and apprenticed in 2 different Physical Therapy centers over a 5 year term where I was able to further education on kinesiology,  bio-mechanics and rehabbing chronic as well as acute injuries.

An interesting junction in my career was being featured in Muscle Magazine in 2006 after participating in a natural body figure competitions for the INBF.

Using all of my education, experience and love for the human body, I individually design a variety of strength and conditioning programs for my clients in order to maximize not only their results, but their lives as well!

Dana is a Strong Healthy Woman Long Island Personal trainer, seeing clients exclusively in their homes, gyms and outdoors!