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Cardio AB-Attack (video)

CRUNCHES ARE DEAD. It’s time to shift away from older-than-old-school crunches & sit ups.

Enter my SMART dynamic core moves that will cause you to simultaneously feel the intense burn in your abs all while working your arms, legs & lower back! Yep, I invented a “total body ab workout”, Hollywood style.  Have at it>>>

YouTube Preview Image


Remember my golden rules for getting/keeping a FLAT STOMACH:
1) Abs are made in the kitchen (not in the gym.) It’s science. So get a little more focused on clean eating and your workouts will really start to SHOW.
2) Think about training your stomach in terms of your CORE instead of “abs.”
3) Your “CORE” is made of your midsection musculature, your lower back complex AND your glutes (butt muscles.) Train smart; don’t forget about the muscles you CAN’T see.
4) If you eat clean and train consistently with mindfulness on resistance training AND cardio, a flat stomach will be a secondary bonus of this highly focused healthy LIFESTYLE!!

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Your Fanatical Fitness Freak,

Laura Miranda MSPT, CSCS

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