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7 Low Back Friendly Glute Exercises – Girls Gone Strong Dr. Laura Miranda


I penned a detailed article on training to PREVENT lower back pain for the epic site, Girls Gone Strong.  The article outlines how to intelligently train for a bullet-proof lower back with a “well-rounded” glute program. (#pun #definitely #intended!)

GLUTES…we all want(need) ’em! BACK PAIN…can get in the damn way!

Dr. Laura Miranda - Girls Gone Strong - Low Back Friendly Glute Exercises

Check out the 2 phase system that I recommend for most of us desk-jockeys. Because if you think you can just jump into DEADLIFTS and SQUATS to take care of the glutes, think again!

Sufficient activation and recruitment of those muscle fibers is not automatic, or guaranteed, for everyone…

Read the full article from Girls Gone Strong…


UPDATE.. this article has been featured in The Personal Trainer Development Company’s BEST FITNESS ARTICLES OF THE WEEK!  BOOM!

Dr. Laura Miranda PTDC Best Fitness Articles Of The Week



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