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5 Ways to Get MORE RESULTS From Your Current Workout

I developed a short list of THE 5 things that my most successful clients do in order to get MORE from the workouts that they are ALREADY doing. (see below)

If you’ve known me for a while, or you are just getting to RE-know me (is that a word?!), you understand that I am no nonsense.

I don’t subscribe to this idea that women are all trying to FIX something that is flawed about our bodies. SORRY, no. We have been feed this mindset from the beauty/diet/fitness/fashion industries for TOO LONG.

They do it so they can play on your fears, and then sell us their “quick fix” the solution.

Oh, hell no.

What you’ll get from me is real, actionable, daily tips that make you a stronger and more empowered woman than you already are right now.

Forget overhauling your entire game plan.

Here is 5 fast ways you can get MORE RESULTS from the training you are ALREADY doing:

1. Increase your weights – Simply put, the more lean muscle you have, the more efficient you will be at burning calories, both at rest, and during your workouts. It’s about working smarter, people, not harder. In order to get and KEEP this precious muscle, you must employ progressive overload. It’s a fundamental principle of exercise science and all it means is that if you have been stuck on those 10 or 12 lb weights for more than 3-4 weeks, it’s time to go up. YES, UP! But do it ONLY, if you want to see results 😉

2. Make One Food “Upgrade” – If you are like so many of my new clients, you can get so overwhelmed with the number of changes that you have to make in your diet, that you don’t end up doing any of them! The reality is, if you change even ONE thing, and do it consistently, you will see and feel the effect. Today, try upgrading one food item that you are already eating, for a more clean version (I.E. sans chemicals, fake sugar, processed carbs.) For example, go from white to whole wheat. Go from quick oats to steel cut. Coffee creamer to whole milk.  Success is contagious. Your desire to start incrementally upgrading other food in your routine will start to take effect.  Remember, those who seem to “have it all together” when it comes to healthy eating, weren’t born that way. Baby steps.

3. Take Shorter Breaks – Hate “cardio?” Good, because your time is better spent off those damn machines anyway. During your weight workout (like the one I sent last week), the best way to add the cardiovascular element to what you are already doing, and to pump up the amount of calories you will burn and performance related results you will see, is to take shorter breaks between sets. THIS is how you stoke a under-active metabolism for the entire day in a really short amount of time. KABAM!

4. Believe In Yourself (More) – To me, this is the secret sauce. Because kids, if success were ONLY about having the best clean eating and workout program, we ALL would have achieved our goals by now! Work on cultivating the mindset that what you want most IS possible. Check out this video for 3 simple ways to believe in yourself (MORE)! Remember, greatness is a CHOICE.

5. Have a Contingency Plan – Even your best plan to get to your regularly scheduled workout WILL get knocked off course from time to time. That’s a guarantee! Since consistency is paramount to success, decipher a go-to plan (in advance) of exactly HOW you will train the next time this “life stuff” happens. 20-Min at home hard core workout? A sprint workout on the steps of your building? THE most successful women that I work with have a non-negotiable contingency plan waiting in the wings, and deploy it whenever necessary!

PS: I will NEVER assume that we are all training for weight loss or to be “skinnier.” That’s just silly.

YOU get to define what success or results look like, for yourself Improved strength and speed, empowerment, performance, building unstoppable energy, holding yourself accountable, being a role model for your daughter… it’s all up to you.


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