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Best Arm Exercises For Women: A 3 Minute Drill

This game is ALWAYS a favorite of my StrongHealthyWoman fit-team during our early morning workouts in downtown NYC.

StrongHealthyWoman boot camp nyc tribeca

The drill goes like this:
1) Download the song “Roxanne” by the Police.
2) Start the song and get ready for the insanity that is about to take place.
3) Wait in a high plank position and every time Sting says “Roxanne”, do a pushup!
4) The song is 3 mins long, and you will feel the change in your upper body almost INSTANTLY! POWER, STRENGTH, PERFORMANCE….and a lean looking guns!

This workout routine will also work with any exercise of your choice, so don’t just limit yourself to pushups (or plyometric pushups like the girls in the above pic are doing.) Try it with JUMP SQUATS, DIPS, or even PLANK Up-DOWNS. The options are endless!

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Just like in StrongHealthyWoman Boot Camp (5:30am M/W/F in lower Manhattan), the whole idea is to keep your workouts fun, focused and challenging enough to elicit CHANGE.

I mean, isn’t that what its ALLLLL ABOUT?!




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