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AB Workout for Garbage Men

(Why Ab Gadgets & Gizmos are taking over the streets of NYC)

I just finished a sick run & leg workout on the Brooklyn Bridge.  As I was cutting through a side street in Tribeca, NYC I happened upon a true example of  the state of RIDICULOUS  TV gimmicks and tom foolery:

Looks like the latest CONSUMER SCAM was left out where it belongs…with the trash! Ladies, for the last and final time: doing ab exercises DO NOT, WILL NOT, NEVER HAS & NEVER WILL burn fat off of your stomach!

QUICK TIP: Save time and boost insane amounts of energy by engaging in full body exercise that blast away as many calories at 1 time as possible!   Why “bend at the waist” 20 times and  barely break a sweat when you can crank up your heart rate, burn your thighs/butt/shoulders AND love handles all WITH ONE TOTAL BODY MOVE  ??

If you haven’t yet gotten the memo, these days it’s about working out  smarter, not harder. If you are still training one body part at a time, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO on how to string together Upper Body fat blasting moves and Lower Body fat blasting moves!

Enjoy ladies!


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