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Grocery Shopping Tour Helps Women Look Better Naked

If you are working out & STILL not dropping the Lbs… it’s time to TWEAK YOUR DIET!!

Ladies, this info is the MISSING LINK between your workouts & how your body will look NAKED, quite  frankly.

Featured in Time Out

TONIGHT 7pm, WholeFoods Tribeca, NYC. Register: StrongHealthyWoman.com/programs/grocery-shopping-tours/

See what these busy women had to say about their experience:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

  • GATHER the knowledge on how to shop healthy so you can uncover your flat stomach permanently.
  • We DISPEL common myths about eating for weight loss: low carb vs low fat vs light… Which is best?
  • UNCOVER the TOP 5 ingredients for a FAT METABOLIZING meal that will have you in and out of the kitchen FAST.
  • Discover how to DECODE labels in order to buy foods that supply you with ENERGY & BOOST your METABOLISM

YOU ARE BUSY! Forget reading tons of books or weeding through endless”hearsay.” FIND OUT THE FACTS all in 1 hour! We look forward to seeing you there!   REGISTER:   http://www.StrongHealthyWoman.com/programs/grocery-shopping-tours/register-now/

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