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Meal Prepping 101 (STOP making this mistake)

I dont know about you, but if I see another trainer post a pic of their 27 Tupperware containers with the same lame meal packed into each, I’m going to scream.

This just not sustainable and it sends the WRONG message to the average person about what “healthy eating” actually looks like.

It’s no wonder everyone is confused!

Here’s what to do instead…



To be clear, I am NOT against preparing as much of your food as you can in advance of your week. Time is a precious commodity! And “chunking down” your tasks to 1 day may help you stay on track.

Because after all, the SECRET SAUCE to long term success is finding ways to eat clean, whole, nutrient dense food as CONSISTENTLY as possible.

What I take issue with is what some trainers post on social media as “meal prepping” – eating the same thing every day as a method to eliminate decision making and maybe will power?

But, this kind of black or white mindset sets you up for sabotage once you get bored, busy, stressed, or sick of the lack of variety and nutrients! This method doesn’t work in the same way that starvation, eliminating entire food groups all together, and employing other quick fix methods, are not sustainable longer than a few days or weeks.


Most of my clients report this roadblock when it comes to staying on track:

The main deterrent to cooking a healthy meal when they get home from work dead tired, stressed, and starving, is the actual time it takes to prepare and cook that meal!

So, in order to cut down that time by 2/3,  I suggest buying the veggies pre-chopped. (I purchased everything that you see in this vid at Trader Joe’s.)

Just pop it in the pan and quickly heat it up!

Then all that is left to do is simply prepare your source of protein, high fiber carb, and add the good fat on top!



  • Choose fresh veggies that are chopped, riced, or spiraled
  • Keep your freezer stocked with frozen chopped or mixed veggies
  • Avoid veggies or mixes with ingredients other than the vegetables themselves (no oils, sauces, marinades etc)
  • V.A.R.I.E.T.Y. is key!
  • Dark green leafy veggies – while they are not pre-chopped, per sae, they only take a split second to prep (you can do it)


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Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT


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