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Celebrating 9 Years in Lower Manhattan

I’ve been running Strong Healthy Woman, an outdoor group fitness company,  in lower Manhattan for the last nine years strong. When I began, there was no such thing as a “boutique fitness” studio and CrossFit was far from being a household name. 

All I’ve ever done is focus on building a community of kick ass women who are down to challenge the fitness status quo with me, and over-deliver on results, passion, and fun.

I’m not saying that Strong Healthy Woman is better than anyone else. I have just learned that if I’m going to survive in NYC, in one the most competitive fitness markets in the country, I had to set myself apart from my competition through innovation and frankly, by just being me.

I tried hard to be like everyone else, it just didn’t work.

SHW Boot Camp NYC 2016

Today, within walking distance of where I hold my class, my competition includes some of the biggest names in fitness. They are fully equipped with their massive marketing budgets and receive daily worldwide exposure in the media (for better or worse 😉

Gratefully, my company has continued to grow with people who “get” my vision and are along for the ride of *challenging the fitness status quo* with me, year after year.

What I have learned, (and hopefully you can apply this to your own life) is that if you want to leave a mark on people lives, you must be bold. But you must also be unapologetically and uniquely yourself.

There’s only one of “you” in the world. And the world needs to see that expression of greatness that only you can deliver. Frankly, I feel it’s your duty to let that out.

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Our next 4-Week Transformation Academy starts 4/25! M/W 5:30am, Battery Park City, NYC. SPACES FILL FAST!


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