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The Problem With Instagram (Pushup Progressions, Regressions & Selfies)

Instagram annoys me. I have been a student of the human movement for the last 17 years with 3 different degrees in kinesiology, biomechanics and Physical Therapy.

Yet these so called “social media fitness stars” have diluted, perverted and kind of ruined it for the regular person who is looking to get in shape.  Having a six pack, cute ass, and a flawless selfie does not make you a fitness expert. It makes you a good marketer of your body. Because well, sex sells.

But the general population needs to be more cautious than ever before about where they get their workout advice!

LISTEN UP: Here is what few understand, but everyone needs to know. You must own (i.e. master) a movement in a fundamental pattern, with full range of motion at all necessary joints, with proper form, BEFORE you can get “fancy” and progress or even load that movement.

If you want to jump into a pistol squat on a bosu while holding a puppy in one hand and a kettle bell in the other because you saw some faux fitness person doing it on insta, stop.

But if you do, keep my email (Laura@StrongHealthyWoman.com) because you will eventually need to see a Physical Therapist when something breaks down.

 TIP OF THE DAY: Become a master of “basic”, then EARN the right to progress to “fancy.”


Like this exercise? Here are the basic movements that you must master on the bench, WITH GOOD FORM, for about 10 reps… BEFORE you can progress to it!

1) classic push-up, feet wide
2) classic push-up, feet narrow
3) single leg pushUp
4) push-up with a mountain climber
5) plyometric push-up, feet wide
6) plyometric push-up, feet narrow

Please think twice before you try some “cool looking” move you see on social media. If the person doesn’t give an explanation of the methodology, progression and prerequisites….leave it alone.


Stay determined, focused and addicted to improving yourself,

Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT, CSCS

Dr. Laura Miranda NYC Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist

NYC Fitness Freak & Physical Therapist Technique-Geek


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