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The Park As Your Gym (video)

5 Minute ANYWHERE Workout

I was away in the Hamptons this past weekend and instead of skipping my daily workout, I figured out a way to stick with the plan.

In this video, find out how to ROCK that summer body whether you are on vacation, away for work or just sick of the being inside the 4 walls of the gym (booo!)

YouTube Preview Image

Leave me a comment of below this box with your fav workouts to do in the park.

BE INSPIRED to kick some serious butt by using just what is available in any park or any open space for that matter. I have been using these types of workouts in Strong Healthy Woman outdoor boot camp for the past 6 years and  I can to attest that the benefits are not to be matched in any gym, studio, or class.

Like most people in the NYC area, you spend most of your day indoors. You start in a cramped apartment, commute in a tiny car or packed subway, then finish off the rest of the day in a dank tiny air conditioned office.

GET OUTSIDE and use what mother nature and the nice people in the parks department have provided for us!

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