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This is NOT What I Expected

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The day that I told Laura that I would officially do boot camp – I was petrified (watch me in my last post.) I slept no more than 1 hour that night.  I couldn’t rest at all, I just tossed and turned  – stressing about what kind of torture I would have to endure in the next few weeks at camp.

Cut to the first morning of boot camp. It’s 5:15am and I am driving over to the field. It’s a surreal experience. I mean, it feels like the middle of the night for god sakes.  I pull up in my car and  just sit there for a minute. I was filled with doubt, fear, worry and anxiety. I guess I put this off for so long because I feared that I would be the slowest, the weakest and would frankly just embarrass myself throughout the whole thing.

In my head I pictured boot camp to be a bunch of crazy people in army fatigues yelling and screaming  that “You are not worthy!”

Boot Camp turned out to be NOTHING like I had imagined.

**Let’s start with the other campers: tall, short, old, young, slow and fast.  YES! I was NOT the slowest one in there.
**Now on to the boot camp instructor:   Shae. Sweet Shae. This lady really doesn’t stop smiling the whole entire class. Her demeanor makes you WANT to work harder. This was really helpful for me becuase her preseence calmed (some of) my fears about the situation.   That aside, I almost had a minor heart attack when 20 minutest into my 1st boot camp class she told us that we would be running a mile! A MILE?!! Is this lady crazy?!

I am proud to announce that FINISHED that damn mile!!  AND…. I wasn’t the last one either!!! The fact that I turned around and saw that some women didn’t even finish their mile made me feel accomplished and proud of myself. Shae took me aside and encouraged me saying that my pace and time would even INCREASE by the end of camp.

I really didn’t hear exactly what she was saying because my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was gasping for air.  BUT…I appreciated that she took the time to talk to me!

You see, that’s the most unexpected thing that I have found in boot camp so far. When you complete a task or finish a game or jump rope 40 times without stopping – the adrenaline and encouragement from the other women keeps you going and gives you that drive to want to attack the next exercise.

Love it, I am hooked, and I officially cant believe that I waited this long to get my butt kicked. The last and most important note for you all that are following my story: Yesterday I tried on a shirt that has not fit me in years, you know just to see if SOMETHING WAS HAPPENING.  You better believe I went screaming and dancing around my house “MY SHIRT IS LOOSER!!!” Stay tuned…..

 Thanks Tiff!  You are doing a great job lady!
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Laura Miranda MsPT, CSCS

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