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Laura Miranda Gives Wellness Talk To Women On Wall Street

Still on a high from the talk I gave yesterday to the empowering Wall St. women of RBC Capital Markets (Royal Bank of Canada)  at their monthly RWomen’s Meeting!
I felt honored for the chance to speak in front of such a powerful group of women! My topic: using fitness as a vehicle to BECOMING THE BEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF YOURSELF, from the inside-out! (Which also happens  to be my company motto 😉
Laura Miranda Wellness Lecture on Wall Street
As you an see from the pic above, I wrote out my “4 Pillars of Change.”  The gist of my talk yesterday was about the 1st two:MINDSET Re-framing, and cultivating your POWER STATEMENT while VISUALIZING your ultimate “best self.”
In my opinion, these concepts are NOT being talked about enough in the fitness/wellness industry. Sadly, women instead are repeatedly beaten over the head  with are common self-hating mantras like “get skinny for summer”, or “how to lose 20 lbs by Saturday!”
It is my belief, and therefore my MISSION  to help women understand that once you focus on getting stronger, faster and more powerful (instead of getting skinnier or to achieve a “thigh gap:) you will be able to harness the fire that already lies within! When you focus on CHANGING from the inside-out, the body starts to physically evolve as a wonderful side effect and added bonus!
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