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Summer Slimdown Boot Camp Begins

rapid fat loss program

It’s a rainy NYC afternoon but the good news is that a) running the rain makes me feel like Rocky so I just crushed a slick 5 miles yeaaaaa  and 2) next week is supposed to be beautiful! (especially at 5:30am!

Why is that important?

Because Tuesday 5/29/12 marks the start of the SUMMER EDITION of STRONG HEALTHY WOMAN rapid fat loss Boot Camp!

WHERE: Outdoors in Battery Park, NYC or Oceanside, Long Island
WHEN: 5:30-6:30am M/W/F, 1 Month, 12 Workouts
WHAT: Results driven body transformation program, nutrition & lifestyle accountability & consistency education overhaul!
All levels of women that want a CHANGE, a KICK (in the pants) START, & a ridiculously FUN and POWERFUL way to get your arms/abs/thighs and mind ready summer!
WHY: It’s time to become THE BEST POSSIBLE version of yourself!

The proof is in the #s!

Last session the warrior-women of Battery Park lost a total of 114 Lbs and Oceanside dropped a stunning 111!

Strong Healthy Woman Boot Camp has kept the leading boot camp spot in lower Manhattan and Long Island with the highest # of participants for the last 4 years because we get RESULTS!

NO restrictive diets or cleanses. No stone faced trainers who scare you with torture.

YES Crazy motivation from empowered strong women, nutrition & lifestyle overhaul, 24 hour accountability and consistency education all serving up rapid RESULTS to finally shut down the self sabotage and pick up SUCCESSSSS!!!

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“I learned more about eating than I have in my life and I now think about what I am eating and the combinations of foods as well.
I did want to tell you however, since I have started boot camp, I went from a SIZE 12 pant to an 8 and can be comfortable in medium shirts versus the large that I was wearing.  Overall since the beginning I lost 10 lbs. but more important I can run 3 – 5 miles in a clip and recently ran a 8:45 mile which I am proud of.  Thank you for all types of success’s that you have given us.”
Jodi F — Dedicated Oceanside Boot Camper

“Thank you for holding the challenge this month. It pushed me to finally make the changes I needed to make in my eating habits. The time limit made me feel motivated. I had a goal and was able to do this plan for 26 days. This was a win win situation for me. I lost 9 pounds, and my clothes fit better. I am now motivated to continue on this plan. I started during the challenge working out every day. I used to just work out on weekends and at Boot camp. Thank you again!”
Mary K — Dedicated Oceanside Boot Camper

“Thanks so much for all of the meals, journals, motivating emails and for helping us along the entire way. I can’t tell you how “strong and healthy I feel right now!”
Leanne C– Dedicated Oceanside Boot Camper

“Thank you for this!  I always enjoy your supportive and encouraging emails, coaching calls and  wicked workouts!  Good news is I’m 10 lbs lighter than this time last year and have maintained this weight for over 7 months with you.  I’d like how I’ve tightened up and dropped a few more lbs for summer and certainly appreciate the track you got me on!”
Mary J– Dedicated Battery Park Boot Camper


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