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Cravings and the People Who Love Them


Whether you can’t make it through your favorite reality TV show at night, or life-size images of  a juicy burger seems to haunt you during the day, cravings just may be the thing that’s sabotaging your weight loss goals.

99% of my busy female clients have come to me at one time or another with complaints about out-of-control cravings. Let me shed some light on some common causes and give you quick, ready-to-use tips to eliminate them today!

Common causes for cravings are:

1. Not eating enough of a certain food will cause your body to crave that exact item. I bet the last time you decided to eliminate carbs altogether form your day you were eating double or even triple the amount you normally would at your next meal.

*SOLUTION: If its carbs you crave, eat one piece of 100% whole wheat bread in the morning with your eggs, or with your tuna salad (try it with oil and vinegar-sans the mayo- and extra veggies–SO yummy!). You’ll feel satisfied and won’t have that urge to get a foot-long sub to pacify that carb craving later.

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2. Being unprepared with no healthy snacks between meals: Leaving too much time between meals causes your blood sugar dangerously low and vulnerable to the next tv commercial, office co-worker suggestion or walking past street a vendor and wanting to dive into the pan of honey roasted peanuts.

*SOLUTION: Prepare yourself for the next day! All it takes is a few extra minutes at night to throw an apple in a bag, put a handful of unsalted raw nuts into a tupperware, or divide up some carrots. My trick is to divide everything into serving-size proportions in separate zip-lock bags as soon as I buy it, so all I have to do is grab it out of the fridge before I go anywhere.

3. Filling a void: Often when stress, lack of sleep, and ‘trouble in paradise’ goes unchecked, we tend to try to fill that void with momentary comfort in the form of extra calories.

*SOLUTION: Channel that energy (or lack thereof) into something useful like a yoga class, or even a long walk to blow off steam.Seeing a therapist might help you to stop internalizing your isues.  Follow tip #2 by preparing snacks so you don’t sabotage your hot-yoga class with a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

4. Childhood associations: As a child you were rewarded with finishing your meal with a delectable treat. You somehow carried this over into adulthood habitually end your day with a sweet reward.

*SOLUTION: Tame that sweet tooth with a big bowl of fresh fruit topped with greek yogurt. If you are really having trouble staying away from the sweets        1) DON’T BUY THEM 2) Brush your teeth right after dinner! A little mint on your breath will help curb the desire for sweets!

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