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Would you Wear a Big T-shirt to a Party?

No you wouldn’t! So why the heck would you wear it to work out?  I’ve got the top secrets on WHAT TO WEAR WHILE WORKING OUT (to look, feel and perform better.)

But more on that in a minute. Last weekend the Strong-Health-Woman Running Campers and I ran a quick little 5 k in Central Park as part of  “graduation” from this session.  Check out a few of us here:

running boot camp in central parkIn my program I am lucky enough to have Ali, an ultra-fabulous running camper/boot camper (she’s obsessed with ALL my programs) who doubles as a fashion blogger.

If you haven’t already, then you MUST check out her blog at www.ThreeInchHeels.com   She dishes the hottest daily fashion advice and cutting edge ideas. You’ll find her thoughts on various designers, celebrities, and  NYC sample sales. Often she lists out “must-have” items and where to find them like the skinny belt (which she keeps trying to get me to wear) or the maxi dress for the summer.

Those of you that really know me  appreciate that I pretty much wear sneaks all the time. It’s my style and I am sticking to it. I have one of my bestest friend’s bridal shower this Saturday and GOD ONLY KNOWS what the hell I am going to put together for that.  Actually, Ali helped me a ton by sending me great ideas that are the right fit for MY style.  Shes good, check out her blog when you can. It has already received a TON of buzz in the industry.   

After the race while eating egg whites and drinking coffee, we started talking about cloths and exercise. Ali decided to put together some of the ideas we were chatting about for you guys. Here it is,  ENJOY!

What To Wear While Working Out

Does it really matter what you are wearing when you workout? Yes, it does! When you look good, you feel good, and you will perform better, which means you will work harder and push yourself during your workout. How you feel in your clothes, whether you are going to cocktails after work or running 3 miles at 6am, can dictate how you feel about yourself and how you are going to perform. Since the goal of working out is to feel great, why would you want to wear frumpy clothes that make you feel uncomfortable?


A Good Foundation The thing that is most overlooked when getting dressed for a workout is undergarments. If your breasts are hurting or moving too much during a workout, then you are wearing the wrong type of sports bra. The best sports bra to wear is one that fits both your bra and your cup size. Unfortunately, the bulk of sports bras are sold in small, medium, and large, and 90% of us are between sizes. Look for bras that are sold by bra/cup size – and buy in bulk once you find one that works. My favorite is from Saucony – they run true to size. Also, the great thing about this bra is that it hooks in the back (so no painful, over-the-head post-workout peel-off).
Also, be sure to replace your sports bras often. If you are wearing the same sports bras that you wore 3 years ago, there is a strong likelihood that between washing and wearing, the bra has lost its support. Replace as soon as possible.

Short Socks – short socks will make your legs look longer, and when your legs look longer, you feel thinner. Once your socks start to thin and get holes in them though, replace them. Old socks can lead to blisters and there is nothing like a brutal blister to ruin your workout.

Breathable, Fitted Tops – It may be tempting to throw on your husband’s old, soft t-shirt or your sorority rush tee from 1997, but these are not good items to wear when you are getting sweaty (and getting fit). You should wear something fitted and breathable. Invest in a few tanks and t-shirts that show off your hard-earned upper body.  Choose fabrics that wick away sweat (not cotton) in light colors. You don’t have to buy name brand tops to look good. In fact, Target.com  has a ton of workout tees and tanks for under $20.

Shorts and Cropped Pants For Sport Of Choice   When doing high-intensity workouts, you should be wearing shorts or cropped pants. You will sweat and you don’t want to get overheated in long pants (or baggy sweats). Be sure to wear the right bottoms for your workout. You wouldn’t wear running shorts to a yoga class, so you shouldn’t wear yoga pants to boot camp. When you are buying shorts or pants, try them on in the store. Then, in the dressing room move around and squat and jump to get a sense of how the shorts will move when you move.

Fitted SneakersBefore you begin working out you should get fitted for the correct sneakers. The wrong sneakers can seriously prohibit your fitness level and they can increase the chances of injury. You can get fitted for sneakers at your local running store. Once you find the sneakers that work for your habits (over-pronator, under-pronator, neutral), then you can hit up or DSW to get deals on the best sneaker for you.  In New York, Jack Rabbit Sports has employees who will watch you run on a treadmill then suggest the best shoe for you.

Quick Style Tips:

1.    Dress for 10-15 degrees warmer then the forecast. You are going to sweat so there is no need to get bundled up in 60 degree weather.
2.    Match! It seems silly, yes, but matching will make you feel pulled together before you head out the door. Set out your clothes the night before (like elementary school!) so that you wont have to dig in the dark the next morning.
3.    Buy in multiples. Once you find shorts or a sports bra that works best for you, buy in multiples if you can afford it. Wearing the same type of gear that is comfortable will make you feel better when you get dressed to workout.
4.    Smile. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you perform better. Your workout will be much more enjoyable if you feel good as you head out the door.

Happy Shopping!

–Ali Privitera

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