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4 Minute No-Gym/No- Excuse Bodyweight Workout

It’s already the middle of the summer! And if you are like me, going into the dark gym after being indoors all day is the LAST place in the world you want to be!
Well, my motto is – no gym, no problem!
 .stair sprints - Dr. Laura Miranda

Check out this body-weight workout method that I custom designed to stoke your metabolism and burn fat.

You might be thinking…

Really? Bodyweight-ONLY is going to do that?

HELL yes.  Here’s why.

I’ve been fine tuning this exact format for my clients in NYC for YEARS. Once I added this tweak, my clients started dropping fat faster than ever before. The results were undeniable.

The problem with most body weight workouts is that the volume and density (total work and duration) are not great enough to elicit change in the body.

That is why I have designed this bad boy:


Format: The Eternal Shredder
Equipment needed: a STAIR CASE and just your body!
Duration: 4 minutes

Here’s how it will look:  

1 Flight of Stairs – Sprint!
2 Lunge Jumps

1 Flight of Stairs – Sprint!
4 Lunge Jumps

1 Flight of Stairs – Sprint!
6 Lunge Jumps
= 1 Round.
Repeat as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes!

The fine details:

  • Time: Set the clock for 4 minutes
  • EXERCISES on the ladder: (i.e. exercises) 1- Running the Stairs for a ‘cardio-conditioning’ focus, and 2 – Lunge Jumps for the ‘strength’ focus. (Regular lungs if you are not jumping.)
  • REPS on the ladder: FLIGHT OF STAIRS stays at 1 rep. LUNGE JUMPS ascend up by 2 reps, from 2, up to 6.
  • Once you get to 6 reps (= 1 round),  start back again back at 2.
  • The goal: get through as many rounds as possible!
  • Rest: Rest as often as necessary throughout, Take as short as you need to recover and then jump back in.
  • Once 4 minutes is up, rest 1-2 minutes, and repeat!

All you need is 4 minutes, a kick ass playlist in your ears, and this no-equipment workout!


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Stay committed, focused, and addicted to improving yourself,

Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT

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