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Holiday Fit Tip: How To Maintain Your Fitness Goals During Holiday Travel

HOLIDAY FIT-TIPS to keep you on track straight through the New Year!

TODAY’S TIP: How to stay maintain your fitness goals during hectic holiday travel!

 1) Carry your own bags when running around airports and going in and out of hotels!

2) Pack healthy meals and snacks for car and plane rides. Keep the hotel stocked with veggies/fruit/water.

3) Schedule your workouts before you even leave for your trip (where, when, with whom!)

4) Decide in advance how you want to feel when you get back. Leaner? Stronger? Proclaim this to yourself and the the world!

5) Go in with a PLAN. All of the above tips are SIMPLE. But they only actually work if you think about them in advance.

YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you! Happy Holiday, Strong Healthy Women!


holiday fit tips


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Stay determined, focused and addicted to improving yourself,

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