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Even the BEST weight loss program can fail if you are not feeding your body the right kind of healthy and nutritious food.

Dr. Laura Miranda’s SHW Grocery Shopping Tour
was Featured in Time Out’s Detox Issue
Laura Miranda's Grocery Shopping Tours Featured in Time Out

Don’t know where to start to lose weight? It’s not your fault! Advertising campaigns and the media have totally warped our ability to know exactly what is healthy and what is hype!

Join me and other like minded people in getting re-familiarized with your local grocery store!

  • Learn once and for all how to shop healthy for you and your entire family.
  • We dispel common myths about eating for weight loss: low carb Vs. low fat Vs. sugar free… Which is best?
  • Find the BEST 5 ingredients for a lean and clean meal that will have you in and out of the kitchen FAST.
  • Discover how to read labels in order to buy foods that supply you with ENERGY & BOOST your METABOLISM.

The place to start any weight loss program is in the GROCERY STORE. We teach you a back to basics approach to healthy eating that will last a lifetime.

Grocery Shopping Tour In NYC with Dr. Laura Miranda

Uncover the secrets on how to go PAST the false claims on the front of boxes that try to fool you into thinking the product is healthy. Did you know that “100% All Natural”& “Low Carb” mean NOTHING?

Take a grocery shopping tour with Dr. Laura Miranda, NYC fitness and nutrition expert. This is by far, the easiest way to get started with eating right and losing weight.




$100: 1 or 2 Person Exclusive PRIVATE Grocery Shopping Tour in NYC

$150: 3 Person Exclusive PRIVATE Grocery Shopping Tour in NYC