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3 Rare Sugar Craving Fixes You Haven’t Tried

You know what I just realized?

Most fitness magazines spend their time yelling messages that most people already know:  Sugar, and metabolic havoc it creates, is the kryptonite of any healthy diet.

What’s MISSING from the conversation is what most people DON’T KNOW:

  1. what those cravings actually mean
  2. what to do to fix them (besides “trying to be good” or just using “will power.”)

After all, if you want to solve these issues once and for all, you must go deeper.

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By now you know the obvious places where sugar hides — cookies, crackers, morning cereal etc.

Eat less of that. Duh.

You might also be sabotaging your anti-sugar efforts and causing more cravings without even realizing it by eating hidden sugars in a “primarily healthy” diet…  granola, yogurt, and protein bars, etc.

My friend and healthy #bosslady, Elisa, schooled me on the deeper meaning behind our top cravings, AND a quick solution for each!  THIS is the kind of stuff that should be talked about more often!

  1. IF YOU’RE CRAVING –> SWEETS: it means you have low blood sugar, you’re seeking comfort, or you’re stressed.

WHAT TO ADD IN –>  fruit, dates/figs, root veggies like sweat potatoes, exercise, hugs, a nap.


  1. IF YOU’RE CRAVING  –> SALT: it’s a sign of adrenal fatigue, mineral imbalance.

WHAT ADD IN –>  baked kale chips, green plantain chips, a kickboxing class, lemon water.


  1. IF YOU’RE CRAVING –> CHOCOLATE: it means you have low energy, magnesium deficiency, looking for an escape from reality.

WHAT TO ADD IN –> nuts/seeds or lentils, raw cacao sweetened with honey/stevia

Besides weight gain, unchecked sugar consumption leads to suppressed immune function, depression, skin and health flair ups!
Improving long-term health, managing chronic conditions, and sustaining fire-like energy are all reasons my clients usually cite for wanting to quit your after-dinner (or between meal) sweets-habit.

Deprivation, will power, and trend-of-the-minute dieting doesn’t work.  A balanced, informed, whole foods approach to healing your habits and body, does!

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