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STOP DOING CARDIO! “Traditional” cardio only, that is.

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Ladies, if you are still wasting your time with hour long workouts on the treadmill/elliptical/bike in order to lose weight – you are committing a MAJOR infraction! Its called: wasting your time.


Change one simple thing and you will get 2 times the results: Strength training while keeping your heart rate elevated not only helps you burn MORE calories during the workout (as compared to just weight lifting or just cardio) you also burn MORE calories FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!

A JOKE? NO! That means you will get 2 times the results (“2xR”) in half of the time! Yippiee!

Download a FREE 2xR workout right now and do me a favor STOP DOING CARDIO for god sakes.

Learn to workout more efficiently , make your body literally lose weight FASTER and more efficiently just by combining your cardio with your weights.

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Its important to realize that you should never abandon ALL forms of traditional cardio, they do have their place and time. However, DON’T make the mistake of using that as your SOLE form of weight loss. You are working too hard, for half of the results.

Your Personal Fitness Expert,
Laura Miranda MsPT CSCS