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Boot Camp

first-class-freeTHIS is the Battery Park/Tribeca NYC outdoor fitness workout for women you’ve been hearing about!

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StrongHealthyWoman Boot Camp in WellandGoodNYC


What to Expect with your 4-Week BOOT CAMP TRANSFORMATION:
OUTDOORS in TRIBECA, NYC or Oceanside, Long Island

WHEN: 5:30-6:30am M/W/F in Battery Park NYC & Oceanside LI,   OR 9am Tues/Thurs in Tribeca, NYC.  1 Month,  Results-Only Workouts

WHAT: Crazy motivation along side empowered STRONG women, complete nutrition & lifestyle OVERHAUL, a 24 hour accountability and consistency BLUEPRINT, all serving up rapid RESULTS to finally shut down the self sabotage and pick up SUCCESSSSS!!!

WHO: All levels of women that want to permanently CHANGE your body, who are looking for a routine and TEAM to hold you accountable to COMMITMENT, & a ridiculously FUN and POWERFUL way to get your arms/abs/thighs looking HOTTTT!

WHY: To BE the change you want to see in YOURSELF.  It’s time to become THE BEST POSSIBLE version of yourself.. a fierce woman-warrior with NO REGRETS!

*In order to see RAPID RESULTS, safely drop the greatest amount of nasty fat as possible, and to get the most out of your life it is a PARAMOUNT for you to have a COACH, a team and a streamlined, easy to follow strategy for working out and  healthy eating I.E. an “action plan!” THIS is your plan. All you have to do is follow it!

Kimberlys Weight Loss Transformation StrongHealthyWoman Boot Camp

Oceanside Mom: “I’ve lost 9 inches so far!”


“I keep coming back because I’ve dropped 20 lbs!”


NYC BRIDE: “In 4 weeks I’ve lost 8lbs of fat for my wedding.”


“I’ve never been able to push myself quite like this in the gym.”

NEW MOM Drops Weight: “It’s no longer about will power.”

“It is possible to look better than ever at 50.”

“This made me a fighter after weight loss surgery.”

“I fit into my skinny pants for the 1st time in 3 years!”

“My arms and lower half are tightening up!”

“Self proclaimed Laziest Person Alive & I enjoyed every minute of this.”

“Lost 15lbs so far AND you can see a space between my legs!”

“This boot camp kicks my butt!”

“This program changed my body when Tae Bo stopped working.”

“I’ve never felt better in my entire life!”

“I look better now than I did at 30!”

“Watching the inches fall off is what keeps me coming back.”

“My clothes are fitting better in only 3 weeks!”

What's the VIEW at your gym??Partner work for sexy and toned arms!FORGET the Stairmaster! We run the real stairs for a better burn!Step Ups make your butt look better in jeans! Stretching it out after an incredible early morning work out!Our Boot Camp is different way to exercise... WE HAVE FUN!