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SHW Virtual Training Club

Need AT HOME Fat Blasting Workouts? Need Motivation? Need Accountability?


.7 Day Trial SHW Virtual Training Club

  • 3 Done-For-You, Print-and-Go Workouts

  • Hard “Core” Abs Video

  • 3 Lightning Fast, Easy to follow Fat Loss Recipes

  • Complete In-And-Out, No Guessing Grocery Shopping Lists

  • Daily Accountability, Consistency & Commitment Tools

  • Unannounced Bonuses





PROBLEM: You’ve got limited time so you want to know EXACTLY how to lose fat from “THE BIG 3”: Thighs, Stomach, Arms.

Yet, you’re unsure of what to do when you get in the gym to maximize your time & effort!

SOLUTION: Each week you will receive different workouts as a printable PDF that can either be taken to the gym or done right at home. Of course you can just pull them up on their smart phone and follow along that way.

These workouts are exact replicas of my time tested, results focused, no nonsense SHW Boot Camp workouts. To see just how effective, watch how 47 women’s lives (and bodies) have been changed.




PROBLEM: Every woman I have ever worked with in the history of my career  wants “a flat stomach.”

SOLUTION: Each week you’ll get a different video to follow along with that challenges your core like it’s never been challenged before. These fat blasting drills will get your abs to the next level and force you to give up “just doing crunches” (and hoping for the best but seeing the worst).





PROBLEM: You can’t “exercise away” a crappy diet but you are super busy and have little time to focus on consistently prepping healthy food.

SOLUTION: Each week I will be spoon feeding you (yay puns!) 3 different super-healthy and super-easy meal ideas that can be made FAST! This food tastes delish and will insure that you’re maximizing the results from the SHW workouts.

I’ve taken the BUSY WOMAN into account here and acknowledge that you all aren’t professional chefs! Just a few no hassle ingredients: just cut, heat and eat! It really is that simple.




PROBLEM: Meal choices tend to be last minute at 8pm when you are exhausted and starved. You can’t make those healthy on-the-go meals without any food can you?

SOLUTION: Each week I will hook you up with a different done-for-you Grocery List, er, soup to nuts 🙂

No thinking; just print the list and head to the store or order online with MaxDelivery.com or FreshDirect.com etc.

The MOST SUCCESSFUL & CONSISTENTLY FIT people are those that are prepared and keep their food choices as a priority, not an after-thought.






PROBLEM: The weekend is usually the time that most of us get off track with our workouts and eating routine. How many times have you uttered “my diet starts Monday!”

SOLUTION: Each week will start off with my Monday Motivational Email to KICK START your mindset with laser like focus.

As your coach it is my job to empower you to go after what you may not know (or need to be reminded of ) that which you are capable of achieving!

In your inbox you’ll see a short, succinct message with a specific action plan to ignite your passion and give you that boost to go out there and KILL IT!




PROBLEM: Look, if you just needed a print out of a diet and a few exercises to become the BEST version of yourself, then you would have copied that from the internet or a magazine already. Intellectually, I know you “get it.”

Most people fail at fitness/weight loss because they can’t seem to move from the Intellectual to the ACTION STAGE!

SOLUTION: Each week I will supply you with different BETTERMENT TOOL that will be a practical catalyst for making necessary changes with everything from time management to relationship choice, to your history with yo-yo dieting and the like.

True success in this game of living a healthy lifestyle is about digging in and getting to the root of what’s holding you back, finding ways to take everything to the next level, and finally being the empowered female that chooses to be at the top of her game!







We can’t tell you what they are right now because they are, well, TOP SECRET.

These extra goodies will be revealed to you once you come on board!









As a member of the club you will start to see a positive influence in your life that goes above and beyond weight loss and looking HOT.

The trickle down effect will include:

  • More energy
  • Less anxiety about how you “should be” taking care of yourself
  • Increased focus at work
  • Better sex because you FEEL HOT from within… and so much more!






  • Busy Women with limited time to exercise.
  • The Budget conscious person looking for personalized attention but not willing to fork over your weekly salary in exchange.
  • Those traveling on business with no time to “get to the gym.”
  • Motivated people who don’t really know how to get started
  • All of those looking to shed unwanted pounds and get their body back!
  • Already fit people with a stale gym and diet routine that want a KICK START FAST




With all of this for the regular price of $69.99/month, you would be crazy not to join The Club! But since we are just launching the program to a few pilot members for testing,

we’ve made the price just $47.99/month for a short period of time!

OR…you can always just pay full price for each of the included items separately:

$300 -12 workouts/month in boot camp or
$1800 – 12 workouts/month 1-on-1 with a trainer (Laura Miranda)
$400 – 12 Recipes & corresponding grocery shopping lists from a licensed nutritionist
$400 – 4 hours of Live Coaching with Me
$400 – 1 months worth of Accountability Tools, Email Coaching & Motivation, Unannounced Bonuses


 That’s a total of  $3000 a month!





Get your Limited Time 7-DAY TRIAL for just $1!

Since this is a pilot program and we are looking to give very personal coaching and support to the charter members of The Club,

We are only offering this trial to the 10 people!

Coming on board today will lock in the special 47.99/month rate after your trial is done & it will be your rate FOR LIFE!

We will NOT INCREASE your membership when this program goes up to 69.99 shortly!