Specializing in the Busy Woman's Weight Loss, Nutrition and Lifestyle


Dr. Laura Miranda leads empowering motivational and educational talks as well as team building group workouts for many large and small corporations in NYC.

Increased productivity and performance, improved teamwork and morale, not to mention decreased sick time and lowered work related fatigue are just a few of the benefits of bringing in a fitness and Physical Therapy professional to work with your employees!

The list of companies Laura has worked with include: Twitter, Whole Foods Tribeca, New York Stock Exchange Euronext, RBC Capital Markets, BlackRock, Lululemon, City Sports, Francis Financial and more!

To book Dr. Laura Miranda to work with your company, contact us here.

Dr Laura Miranda Motivational Speaking at RBC Captial Markets

Dr Laura Miranda and Twitter

 Dr Laura Miranda Leading In-Store Workout at Lululemon NYC

Lululemon workout with Dr Laura Miranda

Dr Laura Miranda And BlackRock Corporate Wellness

Dr Laura Miranda Coorporate Wellness at City Sports NYC

City Sports Laura Miranda Flyer August 1

Dr Laura Miranda Corporate Wellness Francis Financial

Coorporate Wellness Workout at Francis Finacial NYC

Lululemon Dr Laura Miranda Sweaty Saturday