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Hey! Dr. Laura Miranda here – owner and founder of Strong Healthy Woman in Battery Park City, NYC!

Dr. Laura Miranda


Here’s how the 14-Day Jump Start program works:

  1. In the next 2 weeks, you get 4 workouts in our group training program. Classes are outdoors in Battery Park, M/W at 5:30-6:30am, right before you have to get the kids to school or/and yourself out to work!
  2. You get a copy of our easy to follow Performance Nutrition Plan – this lays out exactly what and how to eat in the next 14 days in order to accelerate your fat loss and fuel your success!
    This is the exact nutrition plan that 1000’s of our clients in lower Manhattan have used in the last decade to see rapid results in record time!
  3. We’ll do a full body composition analysis at the start and end of the program. Typically, women will drop anywhere from 3-5 lbs of fat. Tracking your before and after stats is THE BEST way to see those REAL results!
    The total cost of the program is just $119.
    The investment is real, and so are the results! This is a serious program for those who are committed to finally feeling and SEEING a difference!

    The next steps are to jump on a quick call with me! We’ll chat about your goals, go over more about the program, and see if we are the right fit for each other!
    Click the link to see the spots I have available for phone appointments, and book one that works for you:
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    I look forward to helping you become the BEST possible version of yourself!
    Dr. Laura Miranda
    Owner/Founder, Strong Healthy Woman


Check out the results that these women are seeing and feeling!

Kimberly Dropped 45 lbs (and counting!)

“DUDE!  I have dropped 45 lbs and 5 pants sizes! But the BIGGEST change (besides having to buy ALL new clothes 😉  has been my mindset and viewpoint on my life.

Kimberly Before and After

With a super busy schedule I have made huge changes by simply following what you suggested! Prepping my meals in advance so that I won’t stray from the plan. And staying focused with the workouts. So simple. Not sure why I made it so hard all of these years! 

AND when it feels like I just want to give up (which used to make me just say “eff it” and quit), you have instilled in me that I must constantly remind myself of WHY i started this journey in the first place! So honestly, T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U! ”

Kimberly, Battery Park

Andrea – “I have taken YEARS off my age!

“I have never felt younger, stronger or in better shape in my entire life. 

I work an insanely long day on Wall St and this 5:30am class is the only way I could get through it. 

It’s the 1 hour I can snag that is just for me. All I have to do is show up; there’s NO battling all day with the “decision or willpower” to drag myself to the gym.

I need structure!

I played sports all of my life so to be looking and feeling this good at 51 takes me back to my game days! 

We all train for different reasons. My main focuses of preventing bone loss, ensuring that I keep as much muscle as possible, and staying in great shape I know have taken years off of my age! (It’s a win-win-win!!)

StrongHealthyWoman NYC Transformations With Dr. Laura Miranda

Thank you Laura! Thank you ❤️”

Andrea, Battery Park

My body has changed in a BIG WAY!
– Wynne, TriBeCa

No more spanks!” I used to wear TWO pairs!”
Angela – Fidi

“My metabolism keeps working and working while I’m sitting at my desk!”
– Laura,  Battery Park

2 months after giving birth and I’ve lost my stomach!
– Marielle, Battery Park

8 months pregnant and I have tons more energy!

-Deb, Battery Park

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