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5 Habits of Highly Successful Skinny People

Do you go overboard in the eating dept. for 2 days and let it sabotage your “diet” for the  next 2 weeks? Do you feel so guilty about eating like a piggy all weekend that you figure you’re a lost cause? At dinner, have you ever uttered “What’s the use, I already ate fries and a burger for lunch, why stop now?” Look…

Top 5 Weight-Loss Foods (that every skinny chick MUST HAVE)

(Here’s  my secret list of the TOP 5 FOODS every skinny chick must have in her kitchen at all times:) Since this is the age of instant gratification, IE Twitter, Facebook, text message, BBM – who has time to figure out the BEST foods to eat to help you lose weight FAST?   Who has the time? I will tell…