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Wonder Woman’s Arm Workout (do this now!)

Hey fitness rebel!

OMG have you seen it?!!


Photo cred: Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures

I dare you to leave the theater and NOT instantly feel empowered to be the strongest, most badass chick on the block!

Imagine if you could harness that power right now?!

Gal (wonder woman) reportedly trained 6 days a week for 6 hours a day! She mixed strength training (mostly bodyweight) with slew of fight training!

So since most of us don’t have 6 hours a day to train, I thought I would whip up an intense Wonder Woman workout with moves Gal used to train for the movie!

Wonder Woman Challenge

1. BEAR CRAWL PLANK-UP DOWNS – Bear crawl 4 steps forward with precision, go down to a plank on forearms, come back up to hands. = 1 rep. (DO 4 reps)

2. MOUNTAIN CLIMBER PUSHUPS – Do 6 fast mountain climbers, then 1 pushup. = 1 rep. (DO 5 reps.)

3. WOMAN-MAKERS – Jump up, land in a squat, place hands on floor, jump or step back to a plank. Jump or step back up. = 1 rep. (DO 5 reps.)

4. DIP TAPS – Drop down into a dip, as you drive up lift your right knee up and tap it with your let hand. = 1 rep. Repeat on opposite side.  (DO 6 reps.)

  • Set the clock for 5 minutes
  • Do the prescribed #reps of each exercise, 1-4
  • Repeat the list as many round as you can!
  • Record your score! Rest, repeat and try to meet or beat it!

Training HARD is about igniting the badass inside of you! When you push your limits in a workout, it carries over to who you ARE as a person deep inside.

Getting Gals arms is cool. Embodying her mindset, is golden 🙂

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