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(Not enough fit pros are talking about this and I NEED to get it out!)

Those who are successful and thriving with a “consistently healthy lifestyle” think differently than those who are unsuccessful. Simple? Yea, kind of.

Successful people start their day with more empowering and positive driven thoughts than those that are less successful.  Thoughts of success, getting what you WANT, and ACTING rather than just reacting to what life throws at you all stem from a positive mindset. THis positive mindset, these empowering thoughts,  lead you to consistently take successful actions during your day.

The converse is true as well.  If you start the day with mediocre thoughts, mediocre outcomes are all you should except.

Thinking the way you do, however, stems from how you are “programmed.”  Starting at a very young age, this programing came from family, teachers, the media, friends, church etc. . It has shaped the way you view yourself and what you are capable of achieving.

Want to challenge who you are now and who you have the potential to become? The first step towards this change is recognizing that your thoughts shape your actions.

Paying attention to your thought patterns actually helps you REPROGRAM them. THIS  is one of the highly coveted SKILLS of those that have already successfully adopted a healthy LIFESTYLE, and are thriving at it. These types of people work out and eat healthy because they LOVE their body…not because they hate it.

Look, if it were just about doing your pushups and eating your broccoli, you would have achieved all of your fitness and weight loss goals by now.

There’s more to it. You must look at how your thoughts effect your actions if you REALLY want to become the best possible version of yourself. 

Therefore: Your mindset…reprogramming…and ultimately your overall SUCCESS is all a SKILL that needs to be honed, perfected and consistently practiced.

You can do it. I believe in you. Now YOU just have to believe in you!


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