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Tribeca Women’s Boot Camp Takes On NYC Snowday

tribeca womens boot camp NYC

What, you think a little snow would get in the way of your ultimate goal?! Not for team StrongHealthyWoman Boot Camp (indoors for winter!)  These are just a few of the fitness-warrior-women that sweated it out this snow day at 5:30am in Tribeca, NYC!

Wednesday Wisdom:
At all times, keep your main goal, the ultimate emotional reason of WHY you are doing this, at your TOMA (top of mind awareness.)  With this visceral internal motivation driving you, not even snow, cold, a bad mood or a bad hair day can stop you from putting in the work to achieve your best!


Be > Yesterday!

Laura Miranda MSPT, CSCS
NYC Fitness Freak & Physical Therapist Technique-Geek
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Laura Miranda Fitness Trainer, Physical Therapist NYC

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