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Running NYC Marathon 5 Months Pregnant

It’s an amazing enough feat to run your 1st marathon at age 40…but what about doing it 5 months pregnant!

5-year Strong Healthy Woman Boot Camp vet is training with me for the NYC Marathon coming up next weekend and didn’t think twice about skipping it once she found out she was having a baby!

Barbara Tamasulo is an INTENSE Tribeca fit-mom of 2 who is using her training to avoid gaining 70 lbs of pregnancy weight like she did with 1st 2 kids. You can find her sprinting the stairs of the financial district or lunging across the grassy fields of Battery Park at 5:30am boot camp!

Watch Barbara tell you how she decided resist the urge to give up…took control of her training…and is having her easiest and fittest pregnancy yet!


Full time job…2 kids…NO EXCUSES!!

Barbara says that “5:30 am is the no excuse hour. I get my training done in boot camp while my kids are still asleep, along side my ‘team’ of motivated women. It allows me to feel good that I can check training off of my list of 9000 to-dos for the day! If I can do it, everyone can!”

As I wrote in a previous post, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist’s recommendations for the type of exercise that is now considered safe during pregnancy has changed drastically in the past few years! This is good news for the hard-core fitness-freaks of NYC!

Why Strength Training is ESSENTIAL for Marathoners
Any successful marathoner will tell you that the essential training tools for this race are no longer just running longer and longer distances. The newest research out there is showing that you make greater endurance gains, improve your running economy (the ability to run longer, faster) and sustain less injures by training  EFFICIENTLY rather than simply longer.

This efficient type of strength and metabolic conditioning are the fundamental principles of  SHW Boot Camp training… sprinting, hills, smart core conditioning, plyometrics, proprioceptive integration. All of this allows your body to biomechanically function in SYNERGY… not in isolation.

Strength training with machines in the gym however, helps your body function in isolation. This is relatively useless when it comes to real life sports execution, form, function, and everything else I stand for as a sports Physical Therapist and fitness trainer, I.E. a coach and engineer of pain free elite human performance.  WILD tangent…..sorry!

Good luck next weekend in the NYC Marathon BARBARA!!! We’ll be rooting for you!

Help Out A Great Cause
Barbara is raising money for  NY Road Runners Youth Programs that combat childhood obesity and empower youth development via running and character-building programs in low-income schools and community centers in New York City, throughout the country, and in Africa.

Help her reach her goal by donating!

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