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Igniting your Inner Intensity – Teleconference with Laura Miranda and Rachel Buschart Vaziralli

Celebrity Trainer and Physical Therapist Laura Miranda will be hosting a once in a lifetime call with fitness powerhouse Rachel Buschart Vaziralli!
This is an epic event for fitness enthusiasts, fitness experts, and those that need to REIGNITE their desire to become the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF YOURSELF!

1/16/12 7:00pm est LIVE via teleconference <<SECURE YOUR SPOT

Rachel is a hard core group fitness instructor at NYC’s Equinox gym and star of  home workout DVD phenomenon Insanity and Asylum.  In just a few weeks you will be able to pick up her own intense DVD series, Face Fear Fitness!





Ask questions LIVE on the call or
LIVE VIA TWITTER starting at 7:30pm



Wednesday 1/16 CALL STARTS AT 7:00pm

Register Here:   OPEN ONLY to the 1st 99 people to register!

GET IN ON THIS CALL TO hear 2 of the most INTENSE trainers in NYC reveal:

  • Fitness industry insider secrets on how to look like a fitness model (AND eat like a real person)
  • What every female is doing wrong in the gym and how it’s keeping you STUCK right where you are
  • Real life rules on how to train to achieve your ultimate goals
  • Mindset motivation plan to uncover the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF YOURSELF




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