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Building CERTAINTY to get your GOALS

There are a few reasons why we never achieve our BIG GOALS/DREAMS in the gym, in life, in the new year. 1 is because we never 100% BELIEVE in our heartthat we actually CAN do it.Building CERTAINTY is a fundamental principle of every successfully goal seeking mission.

So, today in Strong Healthy Woman Boot Camp I wrote “I AM THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO _____ ” on the mirror.

This was so the girls could repeat their damn goal, the very thing they are working so hard to attain,  in that sentence over and over and over until they BELIEVE it is possible with every cell of their entire body!!

Look, if can’t be certain that you are going to achieve your goal, how the HELL is anyone else going to be?

The Sweat Entrepreneur,

Laura Miranda MSPT, CSCS

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