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Be Thankful for Pain and Struggle

I am thankful for Pain and Struggle….

Yes, of course I’m grateful for my family, business, amazing clients, friends, pets and all of that too.


But, as insane as it might sound to you, the pain and struggle that I have experienced in life is what I am MOST thankful for.


Most people spend their entire lives trying to avoid challenges and failure...doing everything they can to stay comfortable.


But the hidden secret of success that I have discovered is that you HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE but to turn around and stare down YOUR challenges right in the face.


What most don’t realize is that the more you avoid short term pain…the more you set yourself up for a life of mediocrity, complacency and “average.”


YOU understand this concept.


The pain and struggle you experience through your workouts lends itself to a leaner, stronger, BETTER looking body.


If you want to experience the pleasure of looking and feeling like the best version of yourself, you go the hard route of skipping glutenous foods at parties, choosing to be in bed early, deciding to wake up to train at a time when the entire world is still asleep…comfortable…blissfully mediocre in their beds.


Pain precedes pleasure. Pain is a breading ground where EVERYTHING worth fighting for in your life grows.


Take a second to say THANK YOU for all of the challenges you have faced in your life.


For without these situations, life circumstances or struggle ….you might NEVER have been forced to achieve the degree of CHANGE that you have experienced thus far.


Remember, you have to DECIDE to be great. DECIDE to be uncomfortable. CHOOSE to be the best possible version of yourself.


Be grateful for your pain and struggle. Every day.





Your Fabulous Fitness Freak-of-Nature,

Laura Miranda MSPT, CSCS

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